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I made a static microblog generator for my neocities site. But I haven’t gotten much feedback on it. (People on neocities seem to hit the like button at least.)

I want to build a webring using it. Is anyone interested? (You can see the tiny webring as it currently is if you follow links two steps from my repository.)

Neocities, guestbook, webrings… are you a 90s’ kid? :)

Anyway, good job! What kind of feedback are you looking for? My only comment is, source-wise, that I would personally not intermix Python with HTML. I would rather use a templating engine like Jinja2.


I’m wondering what would make others consider using it? If it is inadequate, then how so?
I was going for something simple and easily forkable (its one file with 500 lines of code); I had avoided a templating engine and tried to keep dependencies minimal. Even if people suggested new features, I would still maintain a simple, minimal working branch.

Oh no no it’s not inadequate! I only suggested a templating engine because embedding HTML into any programming language (or procedurally generate it with programming instructions) can quickly and easily turn into a mess. Since your goal is to keep it minimal though, I think it won’t be much of a problem.

The static-sites-generators space is already crowded IMO (jekyll, hugo, pelican, zola, are only the first on top of my head). If you want others to consider using yours, I think you should probably state in your README why/how yours compares to those or why you decided to roll your own SSG.

I see. I don’t consider it a static site generator like jekyll. I only use it to generate a subsection of my website.

I didn’t want to use a “full” static site generator like jekyll either because it seems to pre-define a specific workflow too heavily. And I thought it was much easier and straightforward to work from scratch. As far as I’m aware, there shouldn’t be anything about that microblog that conflicts with other site generators.

I suppose my pitch would be from that angle.

I needed a hugo to compile one “site” a few days ago. Apt said it (and it is deps) will take 500MB of disk space :/ Minimalism…

I use Pelican because it supports translations, tags, categories and other useful features. If your generator works great for you, you don’t need to change it.