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Open source has won, so Mozilla’s original mission to promote free software is no longer a priority.

uhh no

“Mozilla is probably the only organization capable of doing this credibly.”

Also this. Are they really all that credible anymore with all the Google loving that they do and the EME incident? I don’t even like the idea that they are trying to integrate Google Translate into the browser.

“Mozilla is probably the least shitty organization capable of doing this credibly.”

Don’t forget the annoying Pocket feature.

The add-ons are what make Firefox great. I wish Gnome Web (epiphany) would implement add-ons for Web in a similar fashion to Gnome Extensions. I’d gladly make the transition.

EME, pocket, google translate, but the list goes on and on. Every 2 or 3 months there is a news of Mozilla doing something against the users. But in spite of all this, it’s still the best option in town.