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I just wanted to share a link to what I think is one of the easiest peices of software for the application-layer in the OSI model to setup and I mean, it's a fricken IRC server.

The configuration file uses the, correct me if I am wrong, YAML format and has comments included to make learning ngircd easier. I really love it - it's great.

Also I have created a test IRC network with it before and linked up some servers and I can tell you it works flawlessly (mostly, nothing is perfect).

Development is also active so that's great. Check it out!

Not trying to derail, but in reference to the topic I challenge you to try psyced (http://www.psyced.org/) which is not just IRC (the setup is super easy, and when I finish the service for Guix it will be even easier).

Challenge accepted. And there is no better time for such a challenge as school holidays began today.

Also OI I wanted to know. Is this server modular (as in the different servers are modules or one monolithic thing).

It seems really cool though and I'd love to try it out and see what I can get working.

Wait... is this like a Matrix alternative?

No, it predates Matrix by decades. If you want to know more feel free to join #welcome on psyced.org with whatever client you have (or its onion address as advertised on http://secushare.org , https://www.infotropique.org and http://youbroketheinternet.org ).

We've done an comparison at http://secushare.org/comparison which should feature Matrix iirc, but as you can tell from the URL it is not psyced in the comparison it is for secushare. psyced is the reference implementation of the PSYC v0.9/1.0 protocol as chatserver, PSYC v2 is the protocol update that is among the foundations of secushare. But lynX and other people more involved in psyced will be able to tell you more.

Random fact: psyced was initiated back then by the person which brought the /me command into ircII (and subsequently got into all newer clients).