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To extend the title:
As far as I flipped through the issue, Golang currently uses gerrit on Google infra (interacts with Github in some way) where you need an Google account, giving it a subtile touch of being a Google project not a community project. Some people think this sets the bar for initial contributions too high. OP is a contributor to Golang.

That is my understanding too, which means it's better for the project than the title seems to imply. GitHub might not be the greatest, but still better (more open) than being behind company walls.

I think GitHub is the way to go.

Obviously hosting the same project on various different providers is the real thing to do - GitHub is a good place to still get contributions going (seeing that it has such a big userbase).

It has to scale in the way you do the development and how you interact with it.

As long as we have no true decentralized (distributed) development and contribution platforms, you will have to adjust.

Yeah, but it's not hard to do. Just setup two remotes I guess.

Not hard depends on your project, its contributors and how much you get... We've been using git in
more-or-less centralized,
partly distributed
and fully server-less setups (using onions and other remotes).
The last one was only possible with a very small project with no need for a bug tracker (we had chats instead).

What matters is organization. Easy isn't always just easy.

Yeah that's true.

Maybe a P2P version control is almost here.