Holy shit I hate using github I need to vent
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  • I want to contact the members of a project. They don’t use mailing lists, or IRC, but they use gitter
  • gitter requires an account, but I cannot create one. They want me to login with github, gitlab, or twitter. I have none
  • I proceed to create an account on github. It takes me 15 minutes because their signup page has an animated background full of moving stars, but the PC I’m on doesn’t have GPU acceleration so it’s all CPU. The experience is like 1 frame per second; I’m struggling to even type the text into the textboxes
  • proceed to login at gitter with my new github account: “You are marked as spam, and therefore cannot authorize a third party application.”. This spam flagging happens every-single-time I try to create an account on github
  • proceed to send and email to the project developers, apologizing for the direct email but explaining that github always flags me as spam. They get angry at me because I sent them emails instead of using gitter


  • gitlab wants my phone number
  • twitter ended up working

Fully agree it is a trash. Several weeks ago it decided not to show/load files menu of the project on the phone because it use “modern js” that doesn’t respect “old” browsers. The mobile browser that was released in 2020 is outdated? Is it a joke?

I agree. It is important for free software to use free software infrastructure, like Codeberg and Sourcehut. Sadly, they aren’t that popular yet.


That’s Faux Free Software

story of my life.


Enterprise Tech, Bank Tech, Fintech, or any AML/CTF and CDD/KYC Risk Factors based, are Perpetual-Take-IT Technology. Your fingerprint & identity are modelled as spam due to a cost model assuming this is spam.

sounds about right ahah

Moreover it continues to demand using 2FA by enlarging the list of the accounts required to use it!
” …or most of the account features will be disabled”