My server changing ISP
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I've been running a home server for a few years now. Over that time, a few people used or are using some things it provides, for example the IRC bot named fpbot.

Until recently, my internet connection was traditional *DSL with 40Mbps download and 3Mpbs upload.

A few days ago I switched to a new ISP that uses optic fibers to provide higher speeds, and it provides them symmetrically. I now have 200Mbps both upload and download. I hope it will improve the service my home server can provide.

I'm still setting up things so there may be some service disruption. Sorry in advance :)

UPDATE: The migration process is complete :)

40Mbps download and 3Mpbs upload

still better than my connection (less than half of that)

Do you have FTTH?

What other services do you provide besides fpbot?

Since it's a home server and my general life plans are not all clear, I generally don't proudly announce stuff because I fear people will depend on me too much until I can't properly serve them ^_^ But there are things I run and happy to share. There used to be more, these days some things I run are:

  • XMPP server
  • Bitlbee server (with only jabber relay enabled)
  • Mumble server
  • Paste server
  • Diaspora* pod
  • Matrix Synapse server, this is very recent and not tested well yet

And there's probably some more ;)