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It is more a call for a help than a question but…

I don’t think it looks bad, honestly. Maybe just a bit too empty, but that’s all. Perhaps use some background images instead of just gray (+1 bonus for parallax effect)?

I don’t think parallax effect is accessible because it is a game with one screen levels....

I don’t know much about game development, but I think an animated background or a slight parallax effect (when moving the cube) would be a really nice effect to make the game look more alive.

100 times better than plain gray :) Good job!

Things gets better! Sadly that I can’t imagine complex visuals but anyway it is much better


Now it looks like a real game instead of a prototype :)

This is literally calling for a neon light effect (bonus if animated)

https://notabug.org/dustdfg/tmp/src/master/screen-1705345257.png maybe yes but it looks more messy especially because it is a banner

oh you actually did it ahaha :) Looks good!