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Since I left F-Droid (and Android/Smartphones) about a year ago, I am looking for a new maintainer to take over. Unfortunately the upstream issue I opened 3 years ago is still not solved in 2018. While Fennec F-Droid is back in the mainline repo and other binary repos do server Firefox, some might still prefer this updater, so as I said: Maintainers welcome. The main task should be to test the last view merge requests and release a new version.

I find it frustrating that Mozilla itself is not distributing Firefox to f-droid. Did you try to get in touch with them and see if they have any interest in using f-droid? Maybe they would be the right people to take over your app.

F-Droid does not accept binaries, so they cannot distribute through mainline repo. Back then I talked lengthly to Moz via Mail, IRC and the Bugtracker and they were not interested in offering an own F-Droid compatible repo. Firefox has already a builtin updater, which is disabled on Android for whatever reasons – I believie GooglePlayStore policies. Anyway, Moz started to talk to F-Droid people again and they alrady worked on making 3rd party builds easier.

Why does it have to be a binary though? Can’t it be built using normal F-Droid procedures (from source)?

I don’t know if I have time to take over, but I will test the build and then with those merge requests during the peers jam on Friday.

That would be really appreciated. Once is properly reviewed, there shouldn’t be much to do for this app: As long as Mozilla keeps the URLs updated, there should only be housekeeping stuff left.

Okay the installed version shows up after installing via the ffupdater. I started with a phone that did not have firefox installed.

I put my repo here:

I made some changes and put them in the development branch.

I planned to also to do the following, but I think I’ve run out of time today:

I will happily keep working on this on a weekly basis. Maybe I will take over maintenance after all.