Would anyone be interested in maintaining Scheme syntax files for (Neo)vim?
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I’ve just gotten word from the current ‘maintainer’, who has basically all-but-said that he has no desire to do so. The current stuff is both dated (not even R6RS is supported, forget R7RS!) and flawed (lots of line alignment issues all over the show), and badly needs some love and attention.

Is there anyone out there both willing and able to improve life for Scheme users on (Neo)vim? I’m posting this in the hope someone might pick up this flag.

Vim or Neovim? I’m not sure if there’s a difference… You will reach more people if you ask on the guile-user list on gnu.org or the irc channel (#guile) on freenode.net

Syntax files are the same for Vim and Neovim. The only difference is that Neovim syntax file support is more outdated than Vim, because Neovim just copies patches to Vim syntax files.

Well, seems like this is moot anyway - I managed to solve this problem (or at least, get it well along the way) without having to become the maintainer of anything.

Some people are interested in fixing this, well at least one… unless no one else takes care of this.

How did you fix it for now?

By using this.