Is notabug okay?
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Lately, I noticed visiting a repo takes more time than usual or the page fails to load more often. Also the explore page was full of spam before today.

Did you try to contact the website admin?

No. But I did assume someone here would know.

Update: I sent an e-mail. Hope it doesn’t get filtered.

Are you about… I don’t remember name but with a monkey on the avatar? If yes, it is senseless. I tried to do it several times…

It’s been two weeks. Haven’t gotten a reply, and the error page is still turning up somewhat often.

Where do you get the error?

Usually when going to repositories or navigating them. User pages and everything else seems to be fine (except the Explore pages which appears to get spammed.) As a side note, I think NotABug might have to be invite only too.

I think NotABug might have to be invite only too

When we started NAB the idea was not to make it invite only. It’s much simpler for users this way. There was already Savannah doing invitation-only, and it was super slow because an admin had to review every request and every repository. The downside of an open website is spam of course. AFAIK there is nobody actively filtering out spam.

I did think a few times about starting another website in parallel with NAB, for many reasons including trying something different. But it’s not clear to me that people would need it, or that they would support it financially.

I thought about invite-only so server resources are conserved and usable by the community and anyone in proximity. If NAB has the time and resources to serve openly, then I see no reason to change. Though I think the error page showing up might indicate otherwise.