Does anyone have thoughts on Open Game License or libre TTRPGs?
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Some IRL friends of mine and I started looking at TTRPGs (Table-Top RPG aka Pen and Paper RPG) to play. Does anyone have any suggestions? There’s already a thing called the OGL that folks apply to an SRD. But I don’t know to what extent these systems value libre/freedom culture.

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System Reference Document (SRD)

Open Game License (OGL)

Pathfinder has the OGL for its SRD.

One can also get the D&D 5th Edition SRD here:

Wizards of the Coast’s ODL Version 2 from 2004.

Fate is dual licensed as OGL and CC-BY.

I think Fudge has the best explanation for the OGL.

Looks like a good list of tabletop/pen&paper RPGs: (HTTP only)


Open Legend, License and SRD:

Arcmage card game is a specific ruleset for the open source card game WTactics and has the GPLv3:

WTactics has project membership, some of which might have CC-NC variants, but many with GPLv3 (HTTP only)

I remember one called “Open Legend” but I don’t know if it’s still a thing

Cool, I’ll reference this to my list above.

I wonder why some of these RPGs don’t just all use a CC variant. I wonder if they didn’t know about CC or if they didn’t like it.

Wikipedia writes “OGL is a public copyright license that may be used by tabletop role-playing game developers to grant permission to modify, copy, and redistribute some of the content designed for their games, notably game mechanics”

  1. they don’t know about CC, or
  2. does the license allow to open source only parts of the game, while allowing non free parts too? Or,
  3. if it’s specific for “game mechanics”, aka rules of the game, is a copyright on “ideas”

This was posted a while back; does it qualify as a TTRPG?

Thank you! I completely missed this one, I think. I will add it to the list above.

I played Expedition once but I’m not a fan of table games ahah. The cards though are Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0.

Thanks for the links! I’ll keep my eye out for the CC-NC games.

The One Page Dungeon Contest is a great source for dungeons. Aternative Link The submissions are all under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

There are a lot of indie rpg designers that publish their stuff at RPGNow

Wow, thank you for the links. =D

Basic Fantasy wasn’t mentioned yet.
Its OGL and not only the Rules, but the modules on their website are too.
Besides the Free PDF you can download, you can buy prints of their books fairly cheap through multiple Shops.

Thank you for the link.