scp -3 not showing files being copied?
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I need to use scp -3 for copying files from a remote host to another remote host. My problem with this option is that it’s not showing the progress. There’s just no output until it has finished. If I enable verbose with -v it shows too much instead, it shows me every single filesystem call. I would like to see only the normal list of files as they’re being processed, like with normal scp.

What’s the full command you’re running? The manpage says -3 is the default, so I don’t think you have to add it?

$ scp -3 -r dokk-docs:~/build

dokk-docs is a local VM that I’m using for building the documentation. It’s on a PC on my LAN, one which I use for VMs only. is the remote server hosting the website.

I’m issuing the scp command from my laptop. I do not want the build VM to be able to SSH into the server, that’s why I’m using -3 from my laptop. The problem is that I don’t see any progress info in stdout. I don’t know why.

The manpage says “Without this option the data is copied directly between the two remote hosts.” My understanding of “This mode is the default.” is that it refers to previous paragraph “when using the legacy SCP protocol”.

If I don’t use -3 I get the error “ Permission denied (publickey).” which is suggestive of the fact that it’s trying to copy directly from my VM to the other server without passing through my laptop.

Forgot about this one, according to a comment on this stack overflow answer -3 disables the progress bar / meter.