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Open source Windows. It’s very simple. Microsoft is not an open source advocate until their most important codebase is freed. Ridiculous.

Also, open source GitHub. And consider federation with other instances.

They act like changing Microsoft is “so hard” because these are years of baggage. Are you kidding? The supposed advantage of capitalism is that it enables businesses to move fast. Microsoft has a fucking CEO with ultimate authority, just act on that shit.

Microsoft doesn’t have to open source Windows to prove they support open source. All they have to do is not fuck with open source (patents, buying seats, etc). But they do fuck up of course.

I disagree. I think the general view is that open source is not mandatory and if someone contributes to open source it’s an act of goodwill that deserves praise. That’s definitely the tone of this article.

I think that open source is expected, and that pushing proprietary software is an attack on user freedom.