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Hey everyone!

I’ve made several changes to freepost, and I’m sorry for any problem that you might experience while I complete the update.

Before re-writing freepost I considered many different alternatives, such as using GNU Social or even P2P networks like GNUnet. Unfortunately none of them seems to be a good fit for freepost, so I decided to fix the issues with the old version. In general, I’ve worked toward simplifying the website. The most important changes have been the removal of communities (they didn’t work out very well, as most people only posted to 3-4 communities at most), and the addition of Markdown support. The old WYSIWYG editor produced HTML content that I stored directly into the database, and I’ve now converted all posts and comments from HTML to Markdown. Unfortunately the result isn’t perfect, and some links might have been broken in the process. I apologize for this issue, but I don’t know any better how to improve the conversion.

I hope you guys like the new freepost, I’m still working to fix minor glitches.

Test comment

Test reply

Edit: test edit. Everything up and running!

Looks great. =D

cool! I like it more than the old version

Oh, finally, a reply box that doesn’t seem to try to get as much in my way as it can. The upvoting is a bit confusing, though. Clicking up makes the arrow disappear, but the votes number stay the same and… huh? Also, if there are no more communities, how will I find posts about certain subjects? Is it all just one big “forum” now?

This will certainly take some getting used to, but it looks interesting.

The voting mechanism needs some more work. The reason for votes number not being increased is, that I wanted to use as little javascript as possible, in fact this is all the javascript currently used on the website. I should probably add this thing though…

I decided to remove communities because they weren’t used, and the few ones that were indeed used, actually overlapped a lot. I don’t think there’s so much noise at the moment that requires posts to be split among different groups.

I also prefer the “single community” model, instead of many groups. The new site is also easier to navigate

looks nicer here. i dont even remember what the old way looked like anymore, but i know i like this better. :)

though mine may look a little different,
as you can see here in a screenshot:


or if poor eyes/monitor: http://ks392457.kimsufi.com/stuff/scrots/2016-03-16-204548_1400x1050_scrot.png

looks like that because of:

nightman ( https://notabug.org/Digit/nightman ) all webpages css theme.


tarkless ( http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=163207 ) gtk2 theme.

(oh, and some Classic Theme Restorer efforts to tame the poor taste of mozilla developers)

ps, i’m a fan of the sort of php boards style seemingly more popular last decade than this. (idk why since that model isnt broken.) this looks half a step more like that… albeit with an increased simple grace in apearance, though i suspect at a lower density of utility than typically seen on such boards (e.g. lq etc). so i like it for looking cleaner and more utilitarian. :) … even if i have no idea what other people are looking at yet… turns off nightman for a moment MY EYES! aaaaaargh!

I literally was like “how the hell did he make that dark theme?!”, and then I read about your “nightman” project :-) It looks very cool, I didn’t know about it and I’m definitely going to try it soon.

i’m a fan of the sort of php boards style seemingly more popular last decade than this.

Can you tell me more about this? Sorry I don’t understand what you are referring to… Also, what is “lq”?

lq = linuxquestions
(a nice eponymous phpboards-ish forum n stuff)

(sry for belated reply, i havnt been logging on to freepo.st with high frequency)

omg you replied to a 2 year old post :D

Anyway, thank you for the comment :P