The library has reached 1,000 items!
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The library has now reached 1,000 items!

I would really love to know if there are other people who like this project, and that would like to work on it with me. There is room for all sorts of ideas and interests, whether it’s about building the database, the website, or other apps that use the data.

I find it useful. How can I filter by author, language, license, etc.?

Are you interested in the data (you want to use it locally) or are you asking about the website?

No, I plan to use it online to search for free culture books. I’m talking about the website.

OK. So, the website interface does not have a filter function because I’m hosting the website as static. It’s a very small server that is working great for serving static files, but I don’t think it can handle a database and all the queries very well. I’m going to have to address this problem sooner or later.

Do you know maybe any app that is able to download a catalog locally? Ideally the app could download the catalog and offer a better interface.

I’ve removed the static website and now I’ve configured the actual website (with database, dynamic pages, and everything). This has allowed me to add search filters (by author and license).

I like the approach of developing the project based on what other people need. The library is not very big so it’s pretty simple to search, but if there are other features that you need please feel free to request them :)

That was quick! :O

Thank you! It’s nice to see new people here that aren’t spam-bots :)

Just out of curiosity… are you interested in dokk or find it useful? I love to hear feedback about features that others need. Or even better if you have the time and interest to help me with it :)

Open books catalogs:

  3. (got many new books since we discussed it last time)

Open books:


Also I inspected the HTML code of the main page of the library and found that it doesn’t use metadata elements for keywords… I also viewed page at <> and found there <meta name="keywords" content="GNU, FSF, Free Software Foundation, Linux, Emacs, GCC, Unix, Free Software, Libre Software, Operating System, GNU Kernel, GNU Hurd"> so I think that the main page of library (and maybe pages of entries) should also include something like this: <meta name="keywords" content="Creative Commons, Free, Libre, Open Source, Books, Textbooks, Library">

thank you for the links