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Hello everybody,

Wanted to share with you my first ever game made with SFML 2.5.1 and C++20. It is a very basic snake game with menu state, game state, options state (in which you can customize the game a bit) and basic scores (top 3 only). Since SFML doesn’t have any built-in widget for buttons or textboxes I created them by myself; they probably are not perfect at all, but are customizable and stable for my purposes (I just needed something functional and easy at the same time).

I know that probably there will be mistakes, bugs (even if I tried to fix all the possible ones) and other imperfections, so please keep in mind that this is my first game and in general one of my first GUI app.

Feel free to send me hints or advices on how to improve it and if you want open also issues or PRs.

If you like it you can also leave a star on github of course!

Repository link:

Who made the artwork? It looks really nice