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What’s going on in Germany? Are they back to a police state?

Is this a rhetoric question, or do you want pose some questions and I’ll reply and hope to find some sources which are not in German? The gist is, yes hard times are ahead. Bavaria already had a very strict, brutal police and lax regulations, NRW is following in a couple of days. federal states are independent in their laws, but sometimes they follow each other. I live in NRW. Not affiliated, but the most generally known website for the new laws in NRW: https://www.no-polizeigesetz-nrw.de/

This was purely rhetoric. I watching with awe how Germany is changing for the worse.

yeah.. it’s less fun (for years already) when you are in Germany and see more things changing to the worse.

If you run a blog inciting physical violence against another group of people, I don’t see the problem with police wanting to know more about you. On this instance they probably used too much force, but the raid didn’t come out of nothing.

If you read the blog you would know that is not the point. They also raided the tor group because they collect donations for the mail service that said blog was using.