Is there anybody who could (and would like to) help with the website?
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Basically there are two main areas of development.

  • graph/database this is about building the graph (database)
  • website this is about building a web interface for display the data in the database

The two are independent from a development point of view. So for example someone can work only on building the database, and someone else could work only on the website using the database. I think most people find the task of building the graph rather boring, but I actually enjoy doing it. I’d love to find someone else who is interested to work on the website, such that we could split the work in half; I’d focus on the graph and the other person would focus on the website. Or vice-versa, if someone happens to be interested in the database, I would focus on the website instead.

I am going to learn how force directed graphs work and to write it too on Rust… But can’t promise anything…

Thank you for the comment. What are you going to try in Rust? Like a 2D interface for showing all the nodes?

Force directed graph drawing… It is more like an attempt to explore topics I know really bad (graphs, physics, graphics APIs) so I am not sure that it will be really usable although. But I will try