Feeling at odds with the mainstream financial system?
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I read


The original post that linked to it is a month old, and I can’t tell if the account is a robot.

A concern I have that the article doesn’t mention is how not only taxes but the financial system supports the surveillance technology. That if we have a bank account, IRA, something similar, the deposits are very likely used to invest in Google, Microsoft, Meta, and so on, because the common attribute shared by the companies listed is that they’re publicly traded. Even if I peacefully don’t use proprietary products or services, my money is still being contributed to expand those businesses’ operations.

Conversely, there is no mechanism within the libre software world where I can invest in a project and earn ROI or dividends (because most organizations are non-profits, which donation only yields a reduction in taxes given a certain large quantity). Unfortunately, investing is important to offset the passive losses incurred by inflation.

What do you guys think?