Is there someone else who likes this project and would like to contribute to it?
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With me. I’m alone.

Interesting situation though....

Could you please expand a little bit more on that? It’s a pretty cryptic comment :)

5 upvotes that show in general that project at least isn’t considered as useless by at least someone but no one who would like to contribute to it.

I think one of the reasons is that when you think “how can I help the project?” The answer is to be a little spider that scraps the internet…

scraps the internet

that is not the case, it’s not a project for scraping the web.

There are countless possibilities for collaboration, for example improving the graph by creating new data or importing data from external sources, working on the website for data visualization, getting it to work with 3rd-party apps/plugins (like we did with OPDS), or even packaging for simpler redistribution.

I know about wikidata export but does it matter?