community building suggestions for freepost?
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I want more variety of content to read and reply to on freepost (something other than tech headlines/articles).

I think one interesting thing to do is to put a banner on the top of notabug and encourage users to talk about their porjects or ask questions on something they are stuck on. (Still tech-related, but from another perspective than a journalist.) I sometimes notice bot/spam repositories on there, however, so there is a downside.

What ideas do you guys have?
(I was the one who went out of my way to push human written content to the top of the public timeline on gnusocial in futility, versus bots that link articles thrice every hour btw.)

I’m not the administrator at NotABug, but I don’t think TMM (the admin) will be too inclined to add something like this to the website. If Gogs had an integrated “forum” feature, that probably would feel more “natural”. I think projects can still link to freepost if they desire to use it, for example with a link in the README or the project description. I do that too for example, on the dokk homepage there is a link to here.

I want more variety of content

I want that too but there are few people and few communities :)