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Inspired to try using this zig build thing for my next C project!

I love C. And I love to see projects like Zig. But I think it’s an error to assume that a better toolchain would swing projects from a higher level language like js or py, to C.

You mean toolchains like Ninja/Meson? Well I’d say Zig is about the same level as C so perhaps its build system is a better choice? Either way I really like cross compilation being a first-class use case. You can use the Zig toolchain without having to program in Zig which is a big plus in my opinion, I don’t really like Zigs syntax.

While reading the article the first time, I felt like the author was trying to convince me that making a better ecosystem would persuade more people to use C, or port projects to C. That’s why a wrote that comment. But reading the article a second time, I think I was wrong. The article is only about a better ecosystem for making it easy (and fun!) to the new contributors who want to contribute to the myriad of C projects that already exist. And I completely agree with this :)

That was my interpretation at least, though I see now I must’ve been high when I read your first comment. Obviously a better toolchain won’t make people start using C (or C++, or Zig) for their projects if they’re already comfortable using something else. But for someone like me with C projects that might need cross compilation I think it’s awesome (if it works, I haven’t fully tested everything yet).