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Unfortunately I don't know anything about these tablets, and even less about their drivers. But, by the end of the article, what I get is that this is not a regression, or a bug, but some kind of state that is required by the device to work properly at all? The best option for him is obviously to write directly to the driver maintainers. I hope for him it can be fixed because it really sucks to not being able to remap inputs.
Luckily someone was able to help them: https://www.davidrevoy.com/article1002/how-a-kernel-developer-made-my-styluses-work-again
wow what a nice reply and great read! I also think this shows very well why it's hard to develop Linux alternatives (such as Hurd or even BSD). Developing the kernel is one thing, but most of the work seems to be around these quirks with the drivers. I wonder if a microkernel would have made this issue easier to fix, since the driver would have been in user space.