Weird domain transfer procedure
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I randomly stumbled upon this registrar, called Regery, that offers a simplified domain transfer procedure. It’s called “transfer it for me”; supposedly it’s for people that don’t want to mess with these things. However when reading how it works, it starts like this:

  • select option ‘transfer domain for me’
  • specify access credentials to the current registrar

Is it just me or… this is pretty effed up? No matter how tedious the process of getting a transfer code is, they shouldn’t be asking full access like this. Reminds me of Facebook asking full access to people emails.

That really is effed up! Interestingly, the company seems to be run and entirely staffed by someone named Andrii Bulygin. So at least you’ll know exactly who you’re giving your credentials to!

Ah! Good catch! I didn’t even think about checking that. I immediately left their website after reading about that procedure.