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I dug out some old articles ([website](, [sources]( that were written in a older version of the dokk website. Some articles had images and videos too, but because they are old some links are broken. I'd love to find other people interested in this kind of project, and improve the dokk data and the articles together.
What is the plan about articles section? Is it about collecting different articles from the web or maybe creating them? For example I wrote [one](, what about it?
The [articles]( section is supposed to be like a wiki. I started those articles years ago, but then I stopped in order to focus on books/documentation because it's simpler to work on as a single person. Wikipedia is a wiki, but there are a lot of other wikis (for example there are many at These articles were supposed to be just another one. So that, for example, if you want to read up articles about a game, you could search the dokk database and find articles from many wikis. I like the idea of collecting articles. Maybe they should be in a different section from /articles though.
I mean that the community have many people. Each person knows something and could (though only small part of people would like to do it but ...) express that piece of knowledge as mini article which can be useful for others and doesn't have size of book like usually can be on wikipedia... for example [one]( by jorgesumle. I mean that dokk can have a section of articles of several types: 1. Someone writes article and publish it in dokk in `.md` format which will have a small size... (I believe it could create a community and I also would like to have something like it) 2. We found in the internet good article under libre license and add a link to that article somewhere in the turtle file...
I saw many "personal blogs" under free licenses. But they are separate and almost invisible. When you find one you don't about others. And I also didn't saw many platforms where people can publish some mini articles which is entirely under libre licenses...
I did save a few articles from jxself in the past, like [this one]( It will be easy to add some properties to the database for classifying them.