Keeping freepost going?
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Freepost is due to be retired on December this year but, considering what’s going on at Reddit I was wondering if there is enough interest to keep it going instead.

Do you perhaps know any Reddit mods who would like to move their subreddits somewhere else? If there is this kind of interest, I would gladly keep the website online.

Freepost was not born as a Reddit replacement, so it’s lacking a lot of features and for this reason it’s not possible to make a 1:1 comparison. But I could work and try to add them, at least the basic ones such as “communities” for a starter.

Given that i consider freepost better than reddit or hackernews, -i mean it better suits my interests and values than those platforms- I would be glad if you keep it going. i don’t mind contributing with a coffee every now an then. i would give more love if i had a job, but it’s hard to have a job when companies oppose your values. So keep it going please! I have nowhere else to go!

Thank you for your nice comment. How’d you feel about having “communities” on freepost? Basically like subreddits. Freepost has always focused on one topic only, so maybe “communities” could encourage more people to use it.

I like frepost just as it is because I can read a post, visit the site or comment/reply and go back to my activities in less than 5 minutes. If communities won’t add unnecessary complexity to the site, it is definitely a good idea and i agree to its addition if the site remains simple.

I too have enjoyed freepost as it is. The community that is here, even though we don’t all see eye to eye sometimes, is full of great people and great discussion. And the format of being able to post, discuss, and link-to things is nice and simple and enjoyable. I also would contribute monetarily if needed if we wanted to keep it going beyond December.

I understand that paying the domain and hosting costs money, and there aren’t many users here. I think many users are moving to Lemmy instances, and it would be difficult to attract new users. I like freepost, but it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the effort, cost, etc.

I pretty much left after the announcement of closing freepost. this comes too late. I also always likes the place for beeing mono-topic.

I would be very happy to see freepost continue. I regret my lack of participation the last year or so. That is due to business of my own getting in the way of things in general. I will make a better effort.

Oh definitely keep it going. I was looking for a community that had both a git hosting site and a discussion board. I was hoping it would grow into something the users could use to discuss their projects, and was sad to see a banner saying it would shutdown in december. I don’t mind its simplicity or lack of features, but I could use a dark theme toggle.

I don’t think freepost should be a substitute for Reddit however.

Haven’t been here as much after the site slowed down (when you turned off the auto posters? hehe)

I want it to continue, I like how simple it is/was but I can understand catering to Reddit users.
Remember to actually post about freepost on reddit tho, it’s not like they are going to find this place by themselves.