Farewell Pext.
5 votes by zPlus 11 months ago — 5 votes, 2 comments

I brought this up on #freepost but since not everybody is online right now, I figured I'll post this here as well.

So, unless somebody has any comments or objections, I'm probably going to submit a patch to remove Pext from the community website.

How come? I really don't get why Pext needs removing and for what reason.

Well apparently she thought it was OK to insult, discredit, and sling mud at the entire community for apparently no reason. Then she decided to leave entirely. I don't have anything against her on a personal level of course, but I've already tried to talk to her many times in the past. I really don't mind if she vents her personal frustrations to me and maybe offend me, but that's not a valid reason to insult everybody else in here without a reason. My ambition for this community is to work together on cool projects, be friends and get along with everybody, not perpetrate unjustified drama. So this time I decided I won't run after her, not anymore. Of course she's welcome back, but it's she who has decided to quit, and in the worst way possible. She doesn't want to be part of the community anymore, it's nobody's else fault and I'm not kicking her out. We can move on to other interesting projects.