Vervis / FunBot / SeekTogether moves to a new domain name
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Hi everyone!

I haven’t posted here in a long time!

I have a little but important update, just to make sure people can find the stuff they’re looking for. The domain name of my server,, has expired and I switched to a new domain name. This time I hope it’s for the long term (not just 1-2 years like with my previous domain names).

I believe the interesting stuff on my server is:

  • My Vervis instance, which also hosts the Vervis source code
  • fpbot, the IRC bot I’ve been running for a long time now

My new domain name is

What you need to do if you use these 2 pieces of software or interested in them:

  • For Vervis, just know the URL changed, the instance is now at, remember this applies to the push/clone URLs of local copies of repos you have on your laptop etc. and things like the lines in ~/.ssh/config, you’ll need to update the domain name there too
  • For fpbot, if you have repos whose commits/issues/MRs are being announced by the bot, update their web hook settings to specify the new bot web hook URL! Change the URL’s domain name from to

If something is still not working right, let me know! I’m fr33domlover in #peers @ Freenode.

looks like the new name will cause quite some problems for fpbot :)

I thought about it, and I think it will actually help refresh the repo list!

There are many repos listed in the bot’s settings, but it seems that only very few of them are actually getting commits / POSTing them to fpbot.
So the domain change is a chance: People who care about those bot messages will notice and update the web hook settings; people who don’t care anymore won’t notice and the bot won’t be getting their web hook POSTs anymore. So in that sense, it’s a nice thing.

If people on IRC ask and I’m not there, point them to this post / remind them where NAB/GitLab repo web hook settings are :)