Peers weekly issues thing
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I want to start a casual weekly “let’s take a look at a Peers project issue(s)” thing.

As long as I do this alone, I think I’ll do this either on Thursday or Friday, probably around my lunch which tends to happen around 19:00Z to 21:00Z. But if others want to plan a meeting time on #peers, let me know and we can schedule it.

I’m all for it! I love this idea! 19:00UTC (or later) would be a good time for me. Any day of the week is OK, as long as I’m online :P

Cool. Well, it started off to a slowly today, but I’ll make sure I’m in #peers again letting folks know what I plan on doing again in about 12ish hours. And then we can try it again next week too.

I think we should keep a journal of these activities as well, to document was was done. Do you know if there is any particular software that could be useful for this? Otherwise we can just add a section to the peers website.

People like are interested but not likely to join #peers would like to have a journal.

Using a chat (IRC) is useful because it’s easier to communicate in real time. Personally I don’t know a better way for direct real time communication.

I agree. It is just for us outside of the loop. we want to know what is progressiong :-)

What is your goal? What projects do you have in mind?

I have a soft goal just to get involved with more of the Peers projects. And it might also help me to use a few of them that I don’t use regularly. I also thought it might help get others more active in helping each other out. I also feel like doing this on a regular basis might help build some good habits.

I’d like to iterate through most of the Peers projects. And I want to get more involved with dragora in general.

I think it’s a wonderful idea to work together on solving community issues. There is a list of projects here; I think addressing any of their issues would be a good start.