Software for watching video together with remote people
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Is there a software for watching a video together, in sync, with remote people?

I would also like if it supported voice chat for talking during the video, but it’s not a strict requirement.

You can do this with Jellyfin through the SyncPlay feature. Works with multiple devices including desktop and mobile. You’d need to set up a Jellyfin server and have each person that wants to view either log-in on their web browser, or download an app.

For voice chat you’d just need to pop open Mumble or something similar. I encourage you to ruffle a bag of popcorn with a live mic and loudly slurp a nice cold beverage through a straw for the ultimate movie theater experience.

lol you sound like someone who’s done this before :)

Jitsi Meet?

Is it possible to stream a video with Jitsi Meet? I don’t mean streaming a video conference, I mean a video file such as a movie.

In this case it seems very strange question.... Every program with screen sharing + conference capabilities should work?

I was thinking like, everybody had a copy of the video, and maybe there was a way to watch it in sync such that if one person pauses, everybody pauses etc. but the video file is already locally available. I’ll try screen sharing if I cannot do that, but my upload speed is not great.

I have not tried it before, but this looks like exactly what you’re describing for local copies.

oh this is great! Thank you so much for the link! I’m going to try this out.