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This list prompted a read of some Virtualbox tickets, which has made me realise I need to put a great deal more effort into ridding myself of that software. The people who respond to bug reports could do worse than learn a little humility and take the views of others far more seriously. Perhaps this is being a bit unfair because I've only read a small number of tickets:-

May I ask you why you're using VirtualBox? It requires a non-free "extension pack".

Simply because I occasionally need to share complex virtual machine environments with people who choose to use VirtualBox. Using it myself wasn't a decision I took lightly; it was the result of both parties making compromises about the software they would and wouldn't use. I came out of it pretty well because my arguments were based on more than a question of convenience.

I already use Qemu and libvirt for my own purposes and I'm resolved to free myself of VBox entirely.

I have an AMD CPU with 8 physical processors.

Model? Remember that AMD is being sued for lying about this very issue, so I wouldn't be 100% sure.

oh, interesting.