A federated freepo.st?
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This week someone on Mastodon joked about a federated reddit, and it got me thinking that an OStatus, ActivityPub-compliant freepo.st would be really interesting. With different instances, perhaps with different themes of interest. What do you think?

This has been a long time goal of mine. My problem is I don’t know which tech to use. I still haven’t made up my mind if federated or distributed is better. A distributed one in particular seems to bring up a lot of issues (primarily spam control).

I’ve brought it up here and on Raddle. Federated login would be nice, but federating posts would be nearly impossible because of vote manipulation.

vote manipulation

How so?

(By the way, are you the same Alex that hosted the animal liberation mastodon instance a while back?)

You would have to verify somehow that the server you’re federating with isn’t sending, eg, “Fix erectile dysfunction! 9999999999 upvotes”. Not just for spam, but different servers could deal with votes differently.

I am, unfortunately maintaining a Mastodon server was very difficult. :\ I broke it trying to upgrade across multiple releases and just gave up. People were being nasty and entitled, complaining that it wasn’t always on the latest version, but upgrading it was often prone do break it. I’m @alexgleason@todon.nl now.

No this sounds like a job for the blockchain as you need consensus among all federated instances on vote count.

How do you develop for the blockchain? Is there like a library or something?

How do you develop for the blockchain? Is there like a library or something?

Interesting point, I think that could work!

Aren’t the votes stored on each server anyway? A user should only vote on the server where he’s registered, and votes need not be synchronized across instances.

Are OStatus/ActivityPub the only options or is there more (I’m talking in the federation space)?