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I like the history. Many folks I talk to give me blank looks when I bring up mini- or microcomputers.

The point of this essay is that it’s not only advancing technology that has recreated the mainframe and the abuses to which it is prone; the very desire for absolute freedom has done its part, as well.

This feels like more blame-the-victim attitude… is this becoming a thing? The people I work with that push for the return to using other people’s server farms or specifically using service plans instead of just traditional hosting are not the people pushing for software freedom. The sellouts do not represent the movement.

I would like to know that “freedom” he is talking about. Software freedom or freedom from having to configure my own services?

If offline use becomes uncommon, then the great and the good will ask: β€œWhat are you hiding? Are you making kiddie porn? Laundering money? Spreading hate? Do you want the terrorists to win?”

I already get these questions.