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Great news for anyone to move towards.

“Open source” is the industry term for using publicly accessible code
a copy of Adobe Photoshop for a year is $348; the similar open-source GNU Image Manipulation Program is free.

Just need to keep pointing out the errors...

(somehow managed to double post, sorry) Really hate that pressing enter posts my unfinished comment here on freepo.st when the textbox suggest I can use enter to add newlines.

sorry :(

However it's not just Enter, it's Ctrl+Enter. It's a feature that was suggested a few months ago. If you only hit Enter it will indeed add new lines.

Don't take it personal, I was just ranting. That's real weird, I can't remember pressing ctrl-enter, but maybe I did anyway. Does that mean if you hit it twice it'll doublepost? Edit: just tested, it didn't doublepost on reply. Maybe when commenting directly under OP..

I just realized... that the comment could have indeed been posted just by hitting Enter because it's a <form/>. The browser automatically submits a form when pressing the Enter key.