FYI Reddit is crumbling
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3rd party apps will soon stop working, API not free anymore, mods are closing subreddits, users are talking about leaving, CEO don’t care.

Freepost should not close. People could use a free/open-source alternative such as this one?

There is Lemmy (federated), Postmill, Hexbear…

I always see as a good alternative to I would join there when finally shuts down.

FWIW I’m always open to change my mind, and I will consider keeping freepost going and adding more features if there is enough demand for it. The website wasn’t born as a clone or replacement for Reddit, which means it’s lacking all the features that Reddit has. But I’d be happy to work on it if people care (if there are at least a few hundreds people interested).

That is too bad that Reddit is having problems, but it has been having problems for a long time. I stopped posting there much 3 or 4 years ago after they shadow banned me for no apparent reason.

By the way, when Freepost shuts down at the end of December, you are all welcome on It is not running on open source code or dedicated exclusively to that, but it is a tiny, somewhat technically-oriented, text-only forum. We spend some time talking about Gemini, Mastodon, free speech, the old Internet, and self-hosting. We also talk about many things that are not tech-related. The character of the place is of course dictated by who is posting there. Just something to think about.

It isn’t. Reddit has billions of users and mods are already reopening subs because let’s be honest, people don’t care.