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Cool! You should add a "collection" of games (preset URLs) such that users don't have to search for the exact URL. For example ./playarchive supermario instead of ./playarchive [game url].

I plan to use this as a backend and to programm also a fontend that allows you to browse trough archives collections.

How does this work? Does the script download every game each time, and then executes it?

Instead of downloading the game every time, it would be better to have a local cache. Games are only downloaded the first time.

I'm not sure if it is ok to keep the games longer then necessary. I asked for premission to work on this solution, so I will have to ask again. The programm isn't meat to download roms permanently because they ar still protected by copyright. It only mimics the way how the in-browser emulation works. The main benefit of this is that you can use your favourite emulator(for better performance) and keep your save files.

Good catch! Now that I've looked at the IA more carefully, I noticed that those games cannot indeed be downloaded. They can only be played. IA has built a web interface to DOSBox; it can be used to play but they do not have any "download" button to download the game.

Does this work with PlayStation games? Or would it be possible to make it work with PSX games? I don't know if the IA has the ROMs though.

The IA hosts DOS games as well, it should be easy to add these. Example: Volfied, Prehistorik 2, Prince of Persia, Sango Fighter.

For PSX games you need to install a BIOS, which is not free and also illegal to distribute. Plus, PSX images are large (200/300MB up to several CDs). PS2 instead used DVDs, so you're looking at GB for a single game. Pretty large to download.

I like to add dos support but this is a bit complicated because dos-games are a bunch of files not only a single rom file. But it is possible I guess.