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Developers are not arguing children that need to be confined to separate rooms to prevent fights.

But Iā€™ve literally seen this happen. XD

With sufficient communication and good practices

After reading the Blub Paradox, I feel like these two could learn from each other. This reminds me of the argument against using a garbage collector.

I also think this article discounts what I see as engineering problems out of the way. Without an actually measured complexity model (from whichever one wants to pick from) all this remains hypothesis, not theory.

I struggle to understand the benefits of a monorepo, even more when different teams work on totally unrelated code. How do they deal with all the unrelated history (commits), tracking commits that are not related to their work, and huge .git directories?

Exactly. And I feel like so many analogues to large git repos make good examples, if at least to bring up points of investigation:

Do large meetings necessarily make better progress?

It depends on context, and the significant factor has to do with humans.