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I only made it through the Argentinian president’s message. I only have so much energy to watch so much of that launch video call. I’d rather spend time commenting on

But I did skim the actual document. Too bad they couldn’t get it to an even 2 or 3 pages.

I like that they brought up net neutrality, but most of it felt vague.

Lots of it just felt like common sense things like “don’t be mean”.

But other parts feel like they’re written as if to say “we like freedom, but don’t forget the law and order”.

Was the video call just for politicians? Did they invite anyone like mjg59, Cindy Cohn, Susan Herman?

Also, why is the video unlisted and comments disabled? Is that just the default for The White House youtuber account?

Anyway, that said, why is the internet any different to politicians? How is the internet still “new” to law?

The Internet is great because every weirdo can have a stage, just one click away. It can go very well, it can go very bad, but we don’t get that on cable TV for example, or the radio, because they are censored. It resembles the real world, with shady walkways but also high quality resources. Now that the entire world in moving online, it’s a power struggle. It always has been.

Those tags, man!