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If you dig into the mail RFCs, you will note that the scope for “electronic mail” was a big vision of the future rather than the stuff it is used nowadays. Ever since showed off, I really liked the idea of “re-invisioning” mail as an messenger. Not because it solves all our problems, but because it solves the biggest one: adoption. Anyway, DeltaChat has finally reached a rather big milestone: For the first time they a serving both Android (F-Droid, as always, and now upcomming Play) and IOS builds as well as (some) desktop versions.

Don’t get me wrong, using mail is indeed a crude hack.. not only for messenger, but in general. But is actually used out there and it is not going away anytime soon. Leveraging this popularity is an outstanding move. Also: Autocrypt.

I like this idea. Adoption has been the problem, there is no doubt! This is why whatsapp is so popular, because everybody is already using a sim card. But sim cards are not decentralized. The problem with emails is that encryption has always been a mess.

Indeed, encryption is a mess. However, autocrypt works (with all limitation it has and more so email encryption itself) reasonably well. But this doesnt stand a chance with Conversations, Signal or Riot. The point is: Mail is used all over the place without any encryption. In fact, many services rely on it being easy to inspect, modify and inject mails.. so i dont think we’ll gonna solve mail encryption :)

In an (somewhat more) ideal world we would have a smooth transition, like every mail provider would have continued to offer xmpp based on the same identifier and we could have worked from there building 2-in-1 clients: Upgrading our communication to XMPP, then making it mobile friendly and finally securing it to the rather good level we have right now… however, we lost the providers and thus the users already in the “migration” phase..


Is quickmsg available on fdroid?

Yes, but since development ceased a long time ago it was most likely moved into the archive. They moved a lot of old builds there when the old hashing algorithmus got deprecated.

Dib2QM (fork of QuickMSG):
DeltaChat (not related to QuickMSG):