I hate frontend coding
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I am a backend programmer and that’s what I am really good at. This full stack bullshit makes management/customers believe that one programmer is enough. Not it’s not. Working on a windows desktop client is disgusting (Yes, I am looking at you XAML). But all the stupid shit bugs like “change color here”, “move button there”, “align shitty UI there”. Of course it’s also web based. Stupid HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap whatever shit show, I just hate that.


Thank you for listening


I dislike Windows, also. I helped maintain one windows desktop app for an enterprise system a few years ago after someone left my work. I hope I never have to touch any of that again.

The frontend “bugs” drive me a little crazy, too.

full stack: we want you to work 2 jobs and you better be good at it or you’re fired.

Yeah, this is so true.

I hear you :)

But HTML+CSS is not bad to be honest. In fact, I wish desktop UIs could be as simple. Once you grok CSS it’s pretty powerful.

Look at the bright side: if your company is mostly backend oriented, they probably do not have high expectations for wonderful UIs, that’s why they want a “fullstack” developer.