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Is there a line these people draw or does anything go?

RMS crossed the line the rest of the FSF seems to have for themselves, but assuming that line is at the wrong place, where should it have been? Or should there be no line at all, and the President of FSF should be able to do anything in any other domain of his public life and it would still not be reasonable to call him to renounce the role of spokesperson?

You are right, but he should be given a chance to sit on the board even with a new president.

Hm, I actually think you identified a different line, how far should RMS be kept from FSF, if he is no longer fit to be President. I already send my opinion to the FSF about this, namely that RMS should be welcome to continue guiding GNU and that FSF should continue to have a close relationship with GNU (if GNU wants him to stay, of course - at the time of writing my email to the FSF, the joint statement of 23 GNU devs wasn’t published yet - their opinion weights more than mine).

But I wouldn’t want him in FSF in any way, including on the board. FSF is a public facing organisation in a way that GNU isn’t, so I think we should had its leaders’ views at a different, higher standard. It boils down to “with great power comes great responsibility”.