I am bored at work... What do you eat for lunch?
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It is so boring. Stupid customer decisions. Pile of shit legacy code. Just sitting here waiting for my lunch break and getting hungry. I eat on my own somewhere close in small restaurants or diners… Chinese, kebap, noodles, burgers what ever… what do you eat at work for lunch?

ahah I was never expecting a post like this :)

I normally have a hefty breakfast and prepare something at home to eat later. Back at Uni I used to eat at the canteen everyday (decent food and cheap), but restaurants and bars are just too expensive for me to eat there every single day. It’s easy to spend €400-500/months eating out every day. Today it’s rice + some mixed vegetables for me if you want to know :)

I spend around 10-15€ a day for lunch. The is quiet a lot of money. We prepare food at home for dinners or weekends or when we are lazy. I do not eat breakfast, that would make me fat rather fast.

€10-15 is pretty much the same amount one would spend eating in my area. It pays for 1 dish (or a pizza) with beverages and cover charge. Some places offer more generous menus for the same price but it’s difficult to go cheaper. Street food is probably even more expensive; I find €5 for a sandwich to be rather pricey. I enjoy cooking so I also prepare and eat more food at dinner, which every nutritionist says is not good but that’s it :)

Anything that accepts my meal vouchers. Street food is my fav!

Do all places accept your vouchers? What kind of street do you like? I like all kind of Japanese, Chinese or Thai noodle dishes.

Only affiliated places. I eat any but have a soft spot for mexican and german. I should try japanese though, it looks helathier for my cholesterol.

What is German street food like? Like sausages?

Is like… fat! Currywurst, bratwurst, doner, raclette, pretzel, schnitzel

I websearch’d Currywurst, that is like Ketchup Sausage Poutine! yummy

It depends on my mood and how much money I have. At home I will eat Ramen, PB+J, Coldcut Sandwich. If I go out I like to eat Mexican food, but real Mexican from a truck, not Tex-Mex. If we had an Indian or Korean restaurant, I’d be there too.

I love fish tacos! But those are impossible to get here.

The same thing every day; two bread-roll sandwiches with cheese and ham. Costs me about €1 per day for a total of about €5 per week, plus 15 minutes of work to roast/bake and prepare them the day before.