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I’m glad they are soliciting input from the rest of us. This was my comment:

To whom it may concern,
as a free software activist, I was glad to see a promise of change in leadership at the FSF since during my advocacy in favour of software freedom RMS public comments on issues of sexual abuse have been a liability. A lot of my time was instead spent explaining to people that RMS approaches those issues from a point of intellectual curiosity and extreme linguistic pedantry. I am relieved I will no longer have to do this.

Still, I believe that RMS has a role in our movement, and I am looking forward in him continuing to offer his insight and guidance to GNU, from a position other than of the main spokesperson for the FSF. I don’t think that there needs to be substantial change in the relationship between FSF and GNU even though RMS continues to lead the latter. A formalisation of the existing arrangement will be beneficial nevertheless.
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