Vervis update: Dropping repository roles
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Hi everyone!

I don’t really have a place to post Vervis updates (suggestions welcome! Maybe on the fediverse would be a good place?), so I’m writing here.

At the moment, Vervis has 2 kinds of roles: Repository roles and project roles. And they are personal; each user can create roles and assign them to other users. When you create a project, you have to choose which project role to assign to yourself; so you have to create a project role first if you don’t have one. Similarly when creating a repo. However, this situation is about to change slightly. The next step in the evolution of this role system requires for attention from existing users.

Repo roles and project roles are going to be merged into a single role type.

Since Vervis is in early development and very few people are really using it, I don’t want to write a lot of permanent custom DB migration code. I’ll try and see what it looks like. If you’ve been using Vervis and you notice you’re unable to push to your repos, it probably means I entirely removed repo roles, and turned project roles into the single role type. You can browse to your repos’ collaborator lists and add yourself. Also make sure the role you choose has the repo-push operation. If you never created a project role, you’ll need to create a new role.

I hope it goes smoothly! If any problems occur that aren’t described here, or otherwise you need assistance, please let me know :) The number of users, at least at, is very small, so I can to do manual DB tweaks if anyone needs them.

P.S. ForgeFed development status update coming soon ^_^

(2 Feb 2019) UPDATE: You shouldn’t lose push access :) If you do, it’s a bug, let me know! I’ll deploy the changes very soon.

How much of Vervis is usable? I once wanted to give it a try but I gave up cause I could not install it

Hi john! The file has detailed instructions (feedback on them is very welcome!). A lot of Vervis functionality is implemented but the UI is bad, some things are still very hard to find without knowing where to look (help with UI design is very welcome!). My suggestion is as follows:

  1. I’m happy for feedback with help with the Vervis related tasks for the Peers weekly project jam, but otherwise, wait until my ForgeFed demo is ready and live
  2. Let’s see if we can get it implemented on other forges or at least get them involved in refining the ForgeFed spec
  3. Let’s do 1 and 2 and then see what’s next ^_^

There’s enough infrastructure to do the ForgeFed demo, but if you’re still curious, any work or feedback on Vervis is very welcome :)

Here is a good place for updates as any other. You can easily link updates here.

We could also setup a ML now that we have a community VM. But I’d love to see news/updates shared here too (at least the important ones); not everybody is going to subscribe to the ML. There is also maintained by vaeringjar for those who find microblogging convenient.