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Actually, I may use this! I’ve never found a decent calculator on Linux, they all look very weird.

Most of my calculations are done in the interactive prompts of Matlab/Octave since I have them at hand anyways. Before was a handy little calc.

Any tips for a featureful terminal calculator?

Depends on what “featureful” means for you. You might look at bc and dc, but I never really used them interactively.. only if i really needed to do basic (non-expr-solvable) calculations in a shell script. Octave exposes its interactive prompt on the CLI, so that might an option. Here are 3 things that I noticed a couple of times:

1) We have covered about all basic needs and we offer for a lot of really advanced stuff good niche products, but there might be a gap we simply have nothing to fit. In case of calculators, I even bought a basic scientific calculator (Casio Classwitz FX991 DEX) recently, because it sometimes is faster and easier then whatever is offered on PC.

2) We forget about “small” productivity tools that already exist.

3) We slowed down a buildung those handy utility programs. While the FLOSS community still has some of this spirit left, I see a lot of workhours “wasted” in building shiny things or re-iterating over the same problems. Sigh.. maybe I am just grumpy today :)… On a side note: Even Windows/DOS had a never ending supply on those helper tools in the early days… not seeing much going on there nowadays

You really make a good point here. Small productivity tools are the most useful but at the same time they are not exciting projects.

I enjoy using that calculator application that comes with MATE. It’s simple and plain, and gets the job done.