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I skimmed your blob posts. Lots to unpack in there so I’ll comment on just a few:

In trans…

[hate] words … aren’t really misogynistic when directed at a transphobe… right?

Sorry for the censoring, I just want to acknowledge that I see your point.

I stand by my position: transgender ideology is a lie.

Take a look at this list of transgender politicians.

I don’t agree with this first statement at all. To call it a lie in my opinion undermines trans men even further. I agree, though, that some folks have become “brainwashed leftists”. Under stress or duress, it could happen to anyone.

In gab-block…

users can run their own instance, but I don’t have the time, skills, nor money

The fediverse needs a more user-friendly way to host your own instance.

To call it a lie in my opinion undermines trans men even further.

Thanks for the feedback. I plan to update the article later to include a section about the female majority of trans-identifying people. 2/3 of trans-identifying youth are female. I think they are negatively impacted by this ideology the most.

Private servers, own rules.

The fediverse you are being forced out is the “popular fediverse”, all the popular servers by the look of it. No different than a ban on a irc network. Find another network in the fediverse.

But in the video “carmen” never says transphobia or misogyny, only something about money.

The point with Carmen is not that he disagreed with my view on sex-based rights, it’s that after he attacked me people in the community condoned it because of my opinions on this issue.

For the record, my partner and I single-handedly raised that money, and then promptly returned it to the donors after the group collapsed. I never fell so hard on my ass in my life.

I feel that social media is shit. It’s either filled with idiots or/and advertisements. The only social media now I use a few times a month is Github. The people there are okay-ish.