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Dave talks about the World Economic Forum and their dystopian idea of the future they are pushing.


Difficult to make a tldw without it becoming an essay.

I think I’ll land on something like this:

Computing Forever essentially argues that the world economic forum is controlling the entire world through their members, many of whom are important people in government positions as well as key industries worldwide. Furthermore, the pandemic - which he claims is fake - and its measures through lockdowns, social distancing, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates, are stepping stones to some sort of authoritarian rule of the earth. This will be made and enforced through the use of AI, forced transhumanism, and a de-anonymized internet to ensure population control.

That does leave out quite a lot, so if you find it to be too loaded of a tldw you might want to watch it yourself.

Then again, here are some, uh, interesting quotes:
- “There never was a global pandemic in 2020, and there still isn’t one now in 2022.”
- “[…] throughout this fake pandemic […]”
- “[…] we are in fact children of god, and therefore spiritual beings with souls […]”
- “[…] the covid hoax […]”
- “[…] how human beings are comprised of three equal parts. We are one third spirit, one third mind, and one third body. The spirit allows us to access god and the higher plain of existence beyond the physical world.”
- “In these times I believe it is very important that we pray to God, and speak to him so that we can maintain and strengthen our connection to the divine.”
- “[…] they don’t want us accessing our full potential as spiritual beings. […] They don’t want us to be in communication with the ultimate authority above all men.”
- “[…] and the hand of God will take care of the rest […]”

I could swear I also heard him say something about the covid mRNA vaccine being used either to gene modify us or something like that, but I can’t find that part anymore.

Make of that what you will.

Thank you for the tldw. Them people would be taken a bit more seriously if they provided any evidence at all and also if they didn’t make a big soup of conspiracies, AI and religions.