TIL my laptop turns off when near to a phone
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Somebody today put their phone next to my laptop, and it immediately turned off. My heart started racing. Oh my… why did it turn off? Has this PC finally broken? I have unsaved stuff! I didn’t realize that it was the phone at first, I just observed my PC go blank without explanation. Reboot, and off again. I moved the PC to another place in a desperate search for an answer, and sure enough it was working again. WTF is wrong with my desk now?? Turns out it was the phone. Every time I put a phone near the laptop, it turns off. More precisely for my particular laptop the phone must be near the power button, on the upper-left corner of the case.

Apparently the PC uses a magnet and a sensor that senses magnetic fields to detect when the lid is closed. Putting a phone or a magnet near that sensor will induce the sensor to think that I’ve closed my laptop. The more you know…