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So we have Google dominating the browser market (directly or at least with the engine) and we have Firefox which regularly acts against its users. How did the open web end up in this mess? Sigh…

And don’t forget w3c.

This is one of the reasons why I put so much effort into the peers community, because I truly believe that there is a whole class of problems/projects that must belong to the whole community and not be subjected to the decision powers of a single company or organization. Projects like Firefox can be forked, of course, but honestly it’s not a realistic option unless there is huge support behind it. Who can maintain millions of SLOC on free time? Unfortunately the community is still very small, but maybe one day we can have a chance to get bigger projects a go.

Want is a usable and secure FOSS browser then? this is a weird situation now :-/

There are several other (free) browsers out there. The single reason why I keep coming back to Firefox however is security, as you mention. In particular a trust in the choice of their default root certificates, and the trust that security vulnerabilities will be fixed within reasonable time. On the other hand I don’t have much trust in their choices when it comes to my privacy or tracking. For me Firefox is only an acceptable compromise, not really the browser I would like to use every day.

I wouldn’t mind a browser that would not trust any CA and I would have to accept them all manually. I am using some other Firefox builds for my desktop and smartphone. It is still the best compromise-

That’s a good point :) I already have to accept ssh keys manually, so I wouldn’t mind a few more “Do you trust this CA?” questions.