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“Without adequate safeguards for privacy and the rule of law, these technologies can be easily repurposed for political repression.”

How about we just leave people alone and stop trying to see into every facet of everyone’s life? How about we have a right to not be tracked and tagged everywhere we go?

You are right but think about this. If an app like contact tracing is made compulsory, it’s privacy violation. If it’s made optional, nobody uses it in fear of giving off their private details. If you use anonymous token you’re required to share it if/when you’re found positive. Then how do you use technology to trace contacts?

I don’t know how you make it compulsory unless you literally chip people, and if that’s where we are, then I don’t want to live in a society like that. Also, it’s ok if it’s optional and people don’t want to be traced. We should have a right not to be traced/tracked/spied on. Period.